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TVFSCC Logo The 'Toronto Virtual File System' by Mark D. Leitch is a quite usefull tool to improve handling of files, directories and data.

'TVFS Control Center' claims to be a quite usefull GUI for configuration and to handle most needed stuff (mount, link etc.) to improve and simplify use of TVFS and its tools.
Since v0.90 it is possible to link directory trees automatically for use with DOS or WinOS changing long filenames to non-conflicting 8+3 format.

# Download v1.00 (german/english, ZIP, ca. 135k)

01.07.98 - Updates: Version 0.90: Bugfixes, new options (extended for use of multiple scripts, linking 8+3 compatible), etc.
06.08.98 - Updates: Version 1.00: Bugfixes, improved functionality, new options etc.

IPT Logo 'InProTrack' is short for 'Installed Product Tracker'.
The program retrieves the current installed components from syslevel and other system config files and shows the results in a nice looking PM dialog.
You can choose between various speed options. Fastest mode is really fast and won't let you have time to do other things while you wait (because you won't have to ;->). Furthermore you can view single SYSLEVEL files.

The following data is shown: All syslevel and gtlevel informations, revision OS (FixPaks), 'real' OS version, additional OS informations revision TCP/IP stack, Rexx (type, version, date) etc.

# Download  * neu * v1.20; (german/english, ZIP, ca. 94k)

29.10.99 - Updates: Version 1.13: Design reworked, Drag&Drop support, single file viewer mode etc.
19.12.99 - Updates: Version 1.15: Drag&Drop support, improved GUI, GTlevel support etc.
09.12.01 - Updates: Version 1.20:  * neu * Bugfixes, support for current OS versions, some new features etc.

mINI Logo 'mINI' is a small dialog driven INI editor. It provides the basic functions like viewing, editing etc. and can keep all available INI files on your system to provide quick access. Furthermore you can export applications or whole INIs to Rexx code.
Since v1.00 it is also possible to view and edit Windows ASCII style INIs.

Features: Treeview, edit, view, delete ASCII and HEX data, exports Rexx code, provides quick access to all INI files, supports FASTINI.DLL by Dennis Bareis etc.

# Download v1.05; (german/english, ZIP, ca. 118k)

31.08.98 - Updates: Version 1.01: Support for Windows ASCII style INIs, search for own resources in LIBPATH, some minor changes.
19.12.99 - Updates: Version 1.05: Improved and more functional GUI, adding of data, internal changes etc.

ORC Logo 'ORC - ObjectReCreator' is an easy-to-use PM program to restore lost desktop objects. All standard WPS desktop objects from INI.RC and most standard MMOS2 objects can be recreated while any current settings will be preserved.

# Download v1.50; (german/english, ZIP, ca. 80k)

06.08.98 - Updates: Version 1.00: Release
26.09.99 - Updates: Version 1.50: Improved GUI, bugfixes, edit of parameters before recreate, recreate of MMOS2 objects

ConfigMaint/2 Logo 'ConfigMaint/2' is a free PM Config.Sys analyzer / optimizer and is some sort of the sucessor for 'ConfigInfo'.

Among others, thanks to Klaus Staedtler, who updated the Config.Sys data and compiled many tips and tricks and helps starting the progress of 'CM/2', you should now have a system utility which may help to understand the differnt Config.Sys entries better and furthermore helps you to detect bugs.

Features: Integrity and dupe check while loading, database with over 400k of context sensitive information, additional infos for drivers and files, simple edit functionality, config sorter, WYSIWYG recovery options editor etc.

# Download  * neu * v1.05; (english, ZIP, ca. 450k)

06.04.99 - Updates: Version 1.00: Bugfixes (4OS2 etc.), new, improved and redesigned GUI, many extensions and enhancements etc.
05.12.99 - Updates: Update pack #4: Updated *.dat files, new entries, etc.
09.12.01 - Updates: Update-Pack #6: Updated *.dat files, new entries, etc. - only for v1.00 !
01.01.02 - Updates: Version 1.00:  * neu * Bugfixes (slashes, blanks etc.), internal changes, improved and more verbose GUI, icons and docs, more infos and updated data etc.

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